Anker Astro E7 External Battery Power Bank Review

The Anker Astro E7 ultra-high capacity portable charger may be an excellent choice when traveling for an extended period, particularly when you plan on having limited or intermittent access to a power outlet. In these situations, you need a power source that will hold up for the long haul. This is especially true if you have a full-size tablet or multiple devices you need to keep charged.
Anker Astro E7 portable charger

  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 6.5” x 3.1” x 0.9” (166mm x 80mm x 22mm)
  • Shape: rectangle (roughly three iPhone 6 stacked on top of each other – although about 1 inch longer and ½ inch wider)
  • Weight: 17.01oz (485g) – roughly the weight of a ½ liter bottle of water

Compared to most power banks you’ll see people walking around with, the Astro E7 is fairly big and heavy. This is a frequent complaint by customers in their reviews of the device. On the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that most chargers don’t have nearly the charging capacity and performance of the E7 – and this is undoubtedly where it shines.

Anker Astro E7: Capacity & Performance

  • Capacity: 26800mAh
  • Max Charging Speed: 5V / 4 Amp total
  • Self-charging: 5V / 2Amp input, via micro USB (USB to micro USB cable included)
  • Charging ports: 3 standard USB

Yes, you read that correctly – the Astro E7 has an over twenty-six thousand mAh capacity. This is enough to charge your iPhone 6 ten times or iPad Air twice. And, since it has three USB ports, you can share. This makes it a great choice for families or groups of friends traveling together, without having to worry too much about running out.

Now, one thing you’ll want to do once you get to your destination is remember to plug in to charge (the Astro E7 takes between 12-14 hours to get back to 100% – and that’s if you are using a 2A wall charger.) Don’t use rinky-dink 1A or, heaven forbid, 0.5A chargers, because it will take way too long and possibly damage the unit.

The maximum charging speed is 4 Amp, which is spread across the three available USB ports. Thanks to PowerIQ technology, the Astro E7 makes sure each device gets as much of the available power as it can support. This means that if two phones are plugged in, they can each get up to 2A (provided they support 2A charging). Alternatively, you could plug in an iPad (supports 2A) and two iPhone 5 (supports 1A each) for a total of 4 Amps. If you and two friends each have an iPhone 6 charging at the same time, though, you’ll all charge slightly less quickly than if you each had access to a full 2A.


The Anker Astro E7 is a 26800mAh behemoth: both in terms of its capacity and ability to charge multiple devices quickly, as well as its size and weight. Make no mistake; this external battery weighs over a pound and would probably be awkward to carry in your pants pocket. In your backpack or carry-on bag, though, it’s an excellent performer.

Anker Astro E7 26800mAh Power Bank

A very high-capacity 3-Port Portable Charger with PowerIQ technology