Titathink TT531W-N WiFi Hidden Camera Clock Review

The Titathink TT531W-N looks just like a regular alarm clock – a small, matte black cube about 3″ square with the time displayed in red LCD. Hidden behind the face of the clock, though, is a HD camera with enhanced night vision capabilities. The TT531W-N lets you stream live video and audio over a WiFi connection, or save it to a MicroSD card (16G card included) for later viewing. It is powered by a single rechargeable 18650 battery or via included AC power adapter/charger.

Titathink TT531W-NTT531W-N Features

  • Streaming with Built-in WiFi – Supports 802.11b/g/n, the now standard WPA2-PSK AES encryption protocol (among others), and streaming at up to 150Mbps.
  • Motion Detection – You can set the TT531W-N to send you images when motion is detected, either via email alerts or push notifications to the device’s app (iOS and Android supported). The sensitivity of the motion detection is also adjustable.
  • MicroSD Card Storage – Supports up to 128Gb of video storage via removable MicroSD card (Class 4 or better), which means that you can have it capture video whenever motion is detected. A 16gb card is included, along with an MicroSD reader (allowing you to view recorded video on a laptop or other device without a built-in reader).
  • Can be Powered by an 18650 Battery – A micro USB power cord and plug-in power supply is included for powering from a wall socket, but the TT531W-N can also be powered from a removable 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The included battery offers 2600mAh of capacity, enough to power the device for 3.5 hours (recharging takes about 6 hours). This can come in handy, allowing you to keep recording during power outages.
  • Two-way Audio/Intercom – In addition to streaming live audio and video from the device, you can also stream audio back in real time. This is a convenient feature for use as a baby monitor or to communicate with family while away.

Video Quality & Performance

When it comes to video quality, seeing for yourself is most important. Here is some sample video, from an actual TT531W-N, as provided by the manufacturer.

It’s not something you’d want to shoot a film with, but the video quality is more than adequate for a hidden security camera. The night vision (infrared) video quality is also impressive, though there is a noticeable “click” noise when it changes to infrared mode (around the 0:10 mark in the video).


  • The device is well-designed, modern looking, and should work well with most any decor. In other words, it blends in as a clock and looks normal on a desk, kitchen counter, or bed side table. It’s more covert than some of the more obvious looking nanny/spy camera clocks on the market.
  • The night vision functionality is surprisingly good, providing clear video in low light conditions (without the picture getting grainy, as with similar products).
  • Supports both streaming live video to your smartphone/tablet as well as saving video locally.


  • It makes a “click” noise when changing to/from night-vision mode. This could be an issue for those particularly concerned with stealth.
  • The included instructions aren’t as good as they could be (broken English, unclear/missing steps, etc.), though, to be fair, the manufacturer seems to be making the effort to improve this. There is great documentation on their website, plus helpful tech support available via phone.
  • The camera is only 720p resolution, not “Full HD” 1080p.
Titathink TT531W-N WiFi Night Vision Hidden Camera Clock