Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Inverter Generator Review

Yamaha EF2000iSIf you are looking for a power generator that can produce 1,600 watts continuously while remaining remarkably quiet and portable, then the Yamaha EF2000iS could be a great choice.

Although it costs around $950 – which is more than three times the cost of many generators that provide a higher power output – what that extra cash gets you is reliability. And when it comes to most situations where you need a backup or portable power source, that’s important.

Capacity and Output

The EF2000iS has a 1.1 gallon fuel tank (about 4.16 L), which the manufacturer says will last about 10.5 hours when running at 25% load. This works out to 400 watts, which might not seem a whole lot, but is probably enough to keep your refrigerator running and power a light bulb or two when the power is out. Even at 50% load, you’re still looking at a respectable 5+ hours. All of this compares very favorably from a cost perspective to buying dry ice and batteries.

  • Rated AC output: 1600 Watts
  • Maximum AC output: 2000 Watts
  • Maximum rated AC current: 16.7/13.3 AMP @ 120 volts
  • Rated Frequency: 60Hz
  • DC output? – Yes, 12volts 8 amps

Portability (Weight/Dimensions)

  • 19.3” x 11” x 17.9” (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight (dry): 44.1 lb (20 kg)
  • Weight (with fuel): 51 LB (22.8 kg)


  • The unit comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Super quiet – only 51.5 dBA at 25% load. For comparison, this sits somewhere between the loudness of normal conversation in an office or restaurant (60 dBA) and the loudness of a library (40 dBA).
  • If you need more power, Yamaha offers the Twin Tech Cable 7DF-85579-10-00 (sold separately for about $150), which allows you to connect two EF2000iS units together in parallel for up to 25AMP (30AMP max).
  • CARB Compliant
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control – for better-quality power, the inverter system of this unit has PWM control.
  • Tri-Fuel Conversion kits available (sold separately for around $200-300) – EF2000iS can be converted to run on propane or natural gas. This can come in handy for power outages, as storing propane is easier than storing gasoline. The flexibility is great for extended power outages, where propane and/or natural gas is still available even when the gasoline runs out.


This reliable 4-stroke portable gas generator from Yamaha is easy to use and operate. The EF2000iS has an advanced inverter system that delivers clean electricity. The availability of tri-fuel (gas/propane/natural gas) kits makes this an especially great choice for keeping the essentials running during occasional power outages.

Product Details
  • MSRP: $899
  • Yamaha Model #EF2000iSv2
  • UPC: 400445484609
Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Inverter Generator

A 2,000 watt, gas powered portable generator with a 79cc OHV 4-Stroke engine